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Run-a-muck Challenge Ireland Run-a-muck Challenge Ireland Run-a-muck Challenge Ireland Run-a-muck Challenge Ireland Run-a-muck Challenge Ireland

REGISTRATION for event at Coolcarrigan Estate on 11th March 2017 Now Open 

Sorry but we do not operate a waiting list or cancellation list nor do we have Entry On Day - Next Event on 11th Marsh 2017

There are 2 categories ( Solo or Team) to chose from in the entry process - Solo for 1 or 2 people or Team for 3 or more

You select either 1 or 2 lap option

You select your own Starting Wave (Waves every 5 mins between 11.00 and 13.10) from those show as having available spaces

If you are entereing a group then you will be offered only the waves that currently have space to accommodate your group.

Friends that enter at a later date cannot be guaranteed places in the same wave so best to enter together to ensure you all start in the same wave and get maximum discount.


This Entry Fee is all you pay Inclusive of booking & card fees,VAT, chip timing, Runamuck Buff, car parking, bag drop, etc yes



Inclusive cost* /hd

Solo, 2 or 3


 Group of 4 - 9

Cost/ head

 Group of 10 to 19

Cost/ head

 Group of 20+

Cost/ head

Group Discount





 Up to 31/10/15  € 25  € 22.50  € 21.25  € 20
 01/11/16 - 31/12/16  €30

 € 27

 € 26.50  €24
 01/01/17 - 31/01/17  € 35  € 31.50  € 29.75  €28
01/02/17 until Full **  € 40  € 36  € 34  €32

** Limited Max Entry at our new venue - We will sell out well in advance of race date 

 *Entry cost includes the On-line Entry Service Provider's charges, chip timing, Vat on entry fee paid & Runamuck Race Buff

*** No Late or On The Day Entries - No Exceptions

These entry costs include:

On-line Entry Provider's service charges

Chip timing

VAT we pay on your entry

Runamuck Buff


Post race light refreshments and power washdown!

Covered changing area

Great Day's entertainment :-)

Group entry prices are inclusive of group discount - Discount applied automatically before you pay

Anyone wishing to join a team after the main group has done their entry will pay whatever the relevant price is for thier entry at that time so best to enter together and early to secure unbeatable entry prices

There will be No Late or On the Day Entries

Company entries:

If your  employer is paying for your entry we can provide a vat reciept so they can claim back the vat portion of your entry fee


The Niall Mellon Township Trust:

Entrants are not obliged to raise money for any cause in association with our Runamuck Challenge Event and we do not have any selected charity partners

You are free to do the event for a charity/ club / cause of your choice if you want to.

If you decide to do the event for a charity/ club/ cause, etc then we will support this by provision of race information, photos, etc on request providing they are used in connection with Runamuck Challenge event only.

Any fundraising done by our participants for theie participation in our event does not imply any approval of the charity/ club/ cause etc by the event organisers.

This event is a commercial one. We usually make some charity donations from the event towards a selected few charities taken from those being supported by our participants but this is at our discretion and we are not obliged to do so.


E-mail us at info@runamuckchallenge.com if you have a sizeable group participating in the next event and you would like to be considered for a donation to your charitable cause.

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